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SEND Relief

Meeting needs and changing lives beyond the community in the shadow of our steeple. Sending relief in the name of Christ is a priority at Aspire Church. One of the ways we provide humanitarian support is through SEND Relief. 

A collaboration between the International Mission Board and North American Mission Board, Send Relief shares God’s love in tangible, life-altering ways. Whether it’s responding to natural disasters, caring for refugees and displaced families, fighting human trafficking at home and abroad, supporting adoption and foster care efforts and strengthening communities facing economic and physical crises, SEND Relief is all about linking help and hope to a world that’s hurting.

Lottie Moon

The annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is collected around the world to support international missions. This effort was officially named in 1918, in honor of a missionary working in China over 100 years ago. Lottie labored tirelessly so others could know Jesus.

Aspire Church supports the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering every year. Click ‘GIVE’ to help us meet our 2022 giving goal of $40,000.