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Experiencing God

Knowing and Doing the Will of God 

Some people spend their entire lives trying to understand God’s will for their lives. But what if that is the wrong pursuit? What if knowing and doing the will of God is about something far more significant than just you and your life? Join us for the introduction of Experiencing God, where we will overview the seven realities of experiencing God through the life of Moses. 


Exodus 2, 3, 4, & 14 

  • ______ was already ____  ________ around Moses. (Exodus 2:23-25) 
  • God pursued a continuing ________  ________________________ with Moses that was real and personal. (Exodus 33:11) 
  • ______  ______________ Moses to become involved with Him and His work. (Exodus 3:8-10) 
  • ______  __________ to Moses to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways. (Exodus 3:2-7) 
  • ________  ____________________ to work with Him led Moses to a crisis of belief that required faith and action. (Exodus 3:11 – 4:13) 
  • Moses made _________   ____________________ in his life to join God in what He was doing. (Exodus 4:19-20) 
  • Moses came to ________  ______ by experience as he obeyed God, and God accomplished His work through Moses. (Exodus 14:15-31) 


God wants you to know ______, His ______________, and His ________. 


Dedicate the next ________  __________ to knowing and doing the will of God. 

Small Group Questions

Use this outline for personal reflection, as a couples or family devotion, or with a small group.


How have you experienced God in the past? How did you know it was a “God” experience? 

Do people experience God today the same way they experienced Him in the Bible? Why or why not? 


Read Hebrews 11:1-2              

  • How did the writer of Hebrews define faith in verse 1? 

  • How would you explain the statement in your own words? 

Read Hebrews 11:6                 

  • According to verses 2 and 6, what’s the relationship between faith and experiencing God? 

  • Verses 2 and 6 mention God’s approval or commendation, God’s pleasure, and God’s reward. How do faith and seeking nearness to God relate to these ideas? 

Read Hebrews 11:23-29              

  • What common factor do these verses emphasize in the ways Moses experienced God? 

  • What does Hebrews 11 teach us about a God-centered life? 

Reflect on the following questions:              

  • How does your life demonstrate faith in God? 

  • In what ways have you tried to earn God’s approval besides faith? 


How does your life demonstrate faith in God? 

In what ways have you tried to earn God’s approval besides faith? How have those pursuits affected your relationship with God? 

How would you rephrase Hebrews 11:6 to be a positive statement? 

When have you wanted to know God’s will? What did you do? 

How are you seeking to draw near God and know His will? 

Talk about it, invite accountability, and take time to pray together. 

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Daily Readings

This week’s reading will be a review of the life of Moses. As you read, invite the Holy Spirit to reveal where God is at work around you. 

  • Day 1: Exodus 1 
  • Day 2: Exodus 2 
  • Day 3: Exodus 3 
  • Day 4: Exodus 4 
  • Day 5: Exodus 14 
  • Day 6: Exodus 33 
  • Day 7: Hebrews 11 

Think Deeper

Do you believe it is possible to know the will of God? Why or why not? 

Describe a time when you were confident that you knew God’s will. 

Does God still speak to people today? If so, how? 

Suggested Resources

Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren 

Invitation to a Journey by Robert Mulholland 

Check out these and other suggested books at 


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