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Susan Russo

Discipleship & Missions Ministry Associate

Raised in a Baptist church in Virginia, Susan was baptized as a young teen. A few years later, while at a youth retreat, she accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. She later joined an Assembly of God campus group at the College of William & Mary and served as a missionary aide for two years. Working abroad as an English as a Second Language teacher for several years in South Korea and Thailand, she worked with believers in urban and house church settings. Susan came to a new understanding of suffering after walking through a difficult health journey. For Susan, the temporary nature of our time here paled in comparison to the immeasurable goodness of God. And is that joy and compassion that Susan infuses into her work as the director of the English as a Second Language (ESL) & Citizenship Ministry. Susan and her husband Cha’Htoo are also the proud parents of two bright-eyed children.