Experiencing God

Aspire U offers seekers, saints, and sinners the opportunity to explore faith and deepen their understanding of the Bible. Classes are typically offered on Wednesdays and run from 6:00 – 7:30 P.M. Courses are divided into two basic categories: Theology and Christian Practice.


Theology classes are intended to increase the learners’ understanding of the Old and New Testaments, Christian doctrine, world religions, and apologetics.

Sharing Jesus in Thirty Words

Equips believers to effectively communicate the good news about Jesus in a relevant and attractive way. (Fall 2)

Casket Empty

Traces the story of the Old Testament as one redemptive story through six key periods: Creation, Abraham, Sinai, Kings, Exile, and Temple, represented by the acronym CASKET. In this eighteen-week study, you will learn about key people, events, and promises in the Old Testament and discover how God’s plan of redemption is being fulfilled in Jesus. Through the acronym CASKET EMPTY, you will have a framework for remembering the entire scope of the Bible with the person and work of Christ at the center.

Starting Point

This is a conversational environment where you can explore faith and experience community. It’s a safe place for you to ask questions and to learn about the Bible and Christianity. You may have questions that you’ve always wondered about but never felt you could ask at church, legitimate questions that would make many Christians uncomfortable. Ask them. Nothing is off-limits. We want to have conversations about the stuff that really matters to you, even when it’s difficult to talk about—especially when it’s difficult to talk about. We believe that God loves you . . . specifically. And we believe He’s big enough to handle your toughest questions, darkest moments, and deepest doubts. We want to honor Him and you by creating an environment where you can be open, honest, and transparent. (Spring 2023)

Christian Practice

Classes that focus on Christian practice help learners apply biblical truth and Christian practice to their daily lives.

Seven Realities for Experiencing God

Examines seven scriptural realities―those Moses experienced inExodus 3―that teach believers how to develop an obedient love relationship with God. This eight-session study overviews the seven realities and then, session by session, explores truths like “God is always at work around you” to introduce a biblical pattern by which God reveals His will so that believers can join His activity in the world.

Small-group friendly, it contains content that can be consumed daily in a manageable amount of time. (Fall 1)

33 The Series

is designed to inspire and equip men to pursue authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus in the 33 years he lived on earth. It builds on many of the timeless truths that Jesus taught. (Fall 1)

Parenting on Purpose

Parenting is hard work today! There are more distractions for parents and more difficulties for children. But today’s parents cannot allow themselves to get distracted by all the opportunities and activities. Moms and dads must make the “choice” to parent on purpose. They must choose to raise responsible children. The Parenting On Purpose training program will help parents think through and implement a parenting approach that will prepare their children for adulthood. (Fall 2)